Epilepsy, cerebral calcifications, and gluten-related disorders: Are anti-transglutaminase 6 antibodies the missing link?

Edoardo Ferlazzo, Serena Polidoro, Giuseppe Gobbi, Sara Gasparini, Chiara Sueri, Vittoria Cianci, Vito Sofia, Loretta Giuliano, Anna Teresa Giallonardo, Carlo Di Bonaventura, Sara Casciato, Tullio Messana, Antonietta Coppola, Salvatore Striano, Leonilda Bilo, Marika Monoriti, Giuseppe Genovese, Paola Sarica, Luciano Arcudi, Umberto Aguglia

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PURPOSE: Gluten-related disorders (GRDs) are a group of immune-mediated diseases often associated to neurologic manifestations. Epilepsies with cerebral calcifications, with or without coeliac disease (CD), are rare neurological disorders characterized by childhood-onset focal seizures, often refractory to antiepileptic drugs. Transglutaminase 6 antibodies (anti-TG6) have been considered a biomarker for gluten-related ataxia and neuropathy, but their prevalence in epilepsies with cerebral calcifications is unknown. The aim of this study is to evaluate anti-TG6 prevalence in patients with epilepsies and cerebral calcifications.

METHOD: this was a cross-sectional study conducted at five Italian epilepsy centres. The following groups were included. Group 1: nine patients with CD, posterior cerebral calcifications and epilepsy (CEC); group 2: nine patients with epilepsy and posterior cerebral calcifications, without CD; group 3: twenty patients with focal epilepsy of unknown etiology; group 4: twenty-two healthy controls (HC). All subjects were tested for serological evidence of anti-TG6 IgA and IgG. Differences among groups were analysed using χ ² test.

RESULTS: anti-TG6 were present in 1/9 subjects (11%) of group 1, 2/9 subjects (22%) of group 2, 0/20 subjects in group 3, 3/22 (13.6%) of HC. No significant difference was found among the 4 groups.

CONCLUSIONS: Anti-TG6 do not seem to be associated to epilepsies with cerebral calcifications.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)17-20
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2019


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