Evolution of cortical and thalamus atrophy and disability progression in early relapsing-remitting MS during 5 years

R. Zivadinov, N. Bergsland, O. Dolezal, S. Hussein, Z. Seidl, M. G. Dwyer, M. Vaneckova, J. Krasensky, J. A. Potts, T. Kalincik, E. Havrdová, D. Horáková

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Pathologic changes inGMhave an important role in MS.Weinvestigated the association between SDGM and cortical volume changes and disability progression in early RRMS. MATERIALS AND METHODS: One hundred eighty patients with RRMS had clinical assessment during 5 years and were divided into those with or without SDP at 5 years by the usual definition in treatment trials. The number of available MR imaging scans at various time points was the following: at baseline, 178; and at 6 months, 172; at 12 months, 175; at 24 months, 155; at 36 months, 160; at 48 months, 158; and at 60 months, 162, respectively. Longitudinal changes in cortical, GM, and WM volume were calculated by using the direct method. RESULTS: At 5 years, 90 patients with RRMS experienced SDP and 90 had stable disease. At baseline, patients with SDP had longer disease duration, greater T2-lesion volume, and smaller whole-brain, WM, cortical, and SDGM volume (P <.01). At 5 years, patients with SDP had significantly greater percentage decreases from baseline compared with those without SDP in the volume of the whole brain (P <.0001), cortex (P = .001), GM (P = .003), and thalamus (P = .01). In patients who developed SDP at 5 years and those who did not, mixed-effect models, adjusted for age, disease duration, and change of the treatment status, showed significant interactions between SDP status at 5 years and changes with time in whole-brain, cortical, lateral ventricle (all P

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1931-1939
Number of pages9
JournalAmerican Journal of Neuroradiology
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2013

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