Expression and role of PML, gene in normal adult hematopoiesis: Functional interaction between PML and Rb proteins in erythropoiesis

C. Labbaye, M. Valtieri, F. Grignani, R. Puglisi, L. Luchetti, B. Masella, M. Alcalay, U. Testa, C. Peschle

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The expression of the PML gene was investigated in purified early hematopietic progenitor cells (HPCs) induced to unilineage erythroid or granulocytic differentiation. PML mRNA and protein, while barely detectable in quiescent HPCs, are consistently induced by growth factor stimulation through the erythroid or granulocytic lineage. Thereafter, PML is downmodulated in late granulocytic maturation, whereas it is sustainably expressed through the erythroid pathway. In functional studies, PML expression was inhibited by addition of antisense oligomers targeting PML mRNA (α-PML). Interestingly, early treatment (day 0 HPCs) with α-PML reduced the number of both erythroid and granulocytic colonies, whereas late treatment (day 5 culture) reduced erythroid, but not granulocytic, clonogenesis. These findings suggest that PML is required for early hematopoiesis and erythroid, but not granulocytic maturation. The pattern of PML expression in normal hematopoiesis mimics that of retinoblastoma pRb 105. Combined treatment of HPCs with α-PML and α-Rb oligomers inhibited both PML and Rb protein expression and completely blocked erythroid colony development. Furthermore, PML and pRb 105 were co-immunoprecipitated in cellular lysates derived from erythroid precursors indicating interaction may have a biochemical basis. These results suggest a key functional role of PML in early hematopoiesis and late erythropoiesis: the latter phenomenon may be related to the molecular and functional interaction of PML with pRb 105.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3529-3540
Number of pages12
Issue number23
Publication statusPublished - Jun 10 1999


  • Erythropoiesis
  • HPCs
  • PML
  • RB

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