Pozaustrojowa terapia fala̧ uderzeniowa̧ w leczeniu zapalenia kaletki kŗtarzowej - Badanie pilotażowe

Translated title of the contribution: Extracorporeal shock waves therapy in the treatment of trochanteric bursitis: A pilot study

Vitali Matteo, Caforio Marco, Bartolomeo De Omar, Pozzi Alessandro, Fraschini Gianfranco, Albisetti Walter

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Background: The trochanteric bursitis (TB) is becoming quite common worldwide due to the increase in the sporting activities of the population at large. Most often TB is associated with repetitive minor trauma of the muscles inserting on the greater trochanter or with a direct trauma on the lateral aspect of the thigh. The aim of our research is to evaluate the effectiveness of the extracorporeal shock waves therapy (ESWT) in the treatment of trochanteric bursitis. Material and Methods: 114 patients affected by TB were treated between July 2004 and May 2007. The protocol consisted of three sessions of ESWT (lithotripter 6,5 MHz ultrasound probe, 1700 pulses 0,28 mJ/mm2) performed weekly during one month. Post operative management included ice pack on to the treatment site. At the end of every ESWT application assisted kinesiotherapy and stretching were performed. All patients were allowed to perform light activities, but avoiding strenuous sport activities for 6 weeks. Each patient was evaluated with a clinical assessment, hip Range of Motion (ROM), hip stress abduction test, standard X-Rays, ultrasound and MRI. These measurements were repeated at one and four months after the beginning of the treatment. Results: A decrease in pain was observed in month four in 86% of the patients affected by TB. The abduction test and flexion test performed four months after the therapy showed an increase in the hip ROM. Conclusions: We assume that ESWT can reduce pain and improve the hip ROM in patients affected by TB, but further controlled trials are needed to state the effectiveness of ESWT in clinical practice.

Translated title of the contributionExtracorporeal shock waves therapy in the treatment of trochanteric bursitis: A pilot study
Original languagePolish
Pages (from-to)17-21
Number of pages5
JournalRehabilitacja Medyczna
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • Hip
  • Pain
  • Shock waves therapy
  • Trochanteric bursitis

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