Federating databases of ICT-based assistive technology products

Valerio Gower, Gregg Vanderheiden, Renzo Andrich

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The importance of providing accessible and accurate information on Assistive Technology (AT) products to all the stakeholders needing it is widely acknowledged. In the past years, several AT information systems have been created in response to this need. Recently, information on AT products has also become important for building up the knowledge base of machine based expert systems. In 2005, some of the most important European AT information providers have joined together to create the European Assistive Technology Information Network (EASTIN), that represents an important source of information to create a Unified Listing of all available solutions to ICT access, i.e. a comprehensive database including information on AT products, and Accessibility Features built into mainstream products. This is in turn a key element to the creation of a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure. This paper describes the methodology for federating the databases of the EASTIN network with the GPII Unified Listing.

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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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