Final results of the IELSG-19 randomized trial of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma: Improved event-free and progression-free survival with rituximab plus chlorambucil versus either chlorambucil or rituximab monotherapy

E. Zucca, A. Conconi, G. Martinelli, R. Bouabdallah, A. Tucci, U. Vitolo, M. Martelli, R. Pettengell, G. Salles, C. Sebban, A. Lopez Guillermo, G. Pinotti, L. Devizzi, F. Morschhauser, H. Tilly, V. Torri, S. Hohaus, A.J. Ferreri, P. Zachée, A. BoslyC. Haioun, C. Stelitano, M. Bellei, M. Ponzoni, A. Moreau, A. Jack, E. Campo, L. Mazzucchelli, F. Cavalli, P. Johnson, C. Thieblemont

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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