First-in-human phase i study of fisogatinib (BLU-554) validates aberrant FGF19 signaling as a driver event in hepatocellular carcinoma

R.D. Kim, D. Sarker, T. Meyer, T. Yau, T. Macarulla, J.-W. Park, S.P. Choo, A. Hollebecque, M.W. Sung, H.-Y. Lim, V. Mazzaferro, J. Trojan, A.X. Zhu, J.-H. Yoon, S. Sharma, Z.-Z. Lin, S.L. Chan, S. Faivre, L.G. Feun, C.-J. YenJ.-F. Dufour, D.H. Palmer, J.M. Llovet, M. Manoogian, M. Tugnait, N. Stransky, M. Hagel, N.E. Kohl, C. Lengauer, C.A. Sherwin, O. Schmidt-Kittler, K.P. Hoeflich, H. Shi, B.B. Wolf, Y.-K. Kang

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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