Fludarabine, ARA-C, G-CSF with or without mitoxantrone (flang - plag) au tolerable and effective in bad prognosis acute mveloid leukemia patients

M. Gobbi, M. Clanbo, M. Migkoio, E. Billeiri, R. Cenn, I. Pieni, L. Canara, L. Celeiti, E. Valleota, M. Cavalise, D. Piettman, M. Genneoo, E. Damagoi

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chari of henaology DIMI div enal;li 1, Agenda Oapedate S. Martine-, Geneva Pion May 1993 ta Febroary 1996 FLAG and FLANC schemes were employed is induction therapy of 46 hi|gh ante myenid kxaasia (AML) patients. In 20 patients Ihe diamls at AML was précédai by a syndrome tatted mare Ihe six moMhe; ft of thé 26 denovo AML wen refractory M previous chemotherapy lines . 8 Mere trratuil for eerty relapse , 10 hid peor yiutmBU bctan M rtinmnii. The medîMi a»e was 64 (luv 33-75); Ihe FAB »Hyp» were Ihe fcflowinf: MO 3. Ml 4 M2 25, M4 6, M5 8. FHly per cent of patkm had poor provnH ckranoimial abnormaKliei « «. FLAG (24 palientt) rn.simd of Flackrabine 30 iqAqm i> 30 nlrnK, followed, after 4 bom, by Au-C 2 ( / aqx in 4 homn (fcr 5 day) wd of OCSF 300 aiicrai / dk. FtANG (22palic HO) and plaulm (Pi > 20000) recover? rcqund a median of 17 and 21 dtyi from the end of itarapy The infcoi« oompllcalkM have been Bpeii (9), branoopsninnisa (9, four of whkk caaaad I Aapaiilhia) and FUO (14). Overall 26 patienta (97%) nachedCR, 7 (13%) PR, 10(22%)vererdracloryand3(6%)diedduring ireboion Tte(«pie«ertpo«lea«l« ranje« fh 2 to 24 momhi, with a median follow ap of 7 mottaa. De nom and secondary AML had 65 and 4]% CR rale. Seven out of 8 paderefr«loryBhoer2oiilofp « IreaKd for retapât (Mained CR (23%). Abnonnal karoli|je had a neaitive innmaonCR rme in secondary AML (30% compered to 75% in pntienu with normal cytofenetic analyali). Secondary AML patents over yean of ate bad a better outcome compared nilli ihr, mill r um Iff« mil 14% of CR). A poor oatoome in M4-M5 secondary AML pattenH has been observai FLAG and FLANG ahowed ssmilar activity and proved lo be uknMe and effective in hijh risk denovo AML and even in secondary leukemia.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1132
Number of pages1
JournalExperimental Hematology
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 1996

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