Fluorescein sodium-guided surgery in cerebral lymphoma

Karl Michael Schebesch, Julius Hoehne, Christoph Hohenberger, Francesco Acerbi, Morgan Broggi, Martin Proescholdt, Christina Wendl, Markus J. Riemenschneider, Alexander Brawanski

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Objectives Growth and progress of primary central nervous lymphoma (PCNSL) severely disrupt the blood brain barrier (BBB). Such disruptions can be intraoperatively visualized by injecting fluorescein sodium (FL) and applying a YELLOW 560 nm surgical microscope filter. Here, we report a small cohort of patients with PCNSL that mimicked high grade gliomas (HGG) or cerebral metastases (CM), who had been operated on with the use of FL. Patients and methods Retrospectively, seven patients with PCNSL were identified, who had been operated on by means of microsurgery after intravenous FL injection. The surgical reports were screened for statements on the grade of fluorescent staining in the tumor area. One representative case was chosen to show the staining under white light as well as under filtered light at different distances to the tumor area. Results All patients had shown bright and homogenous fluorescent staining of the tumor (n = 7. 100%). No adverse effects had been observed. Conclusion Similar to patients with HGG or CM, patients with PCNSL may benefit from use of FL and the dedicated YELLOW 560 nm filter in open surgery.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)125-128
Number of pages4
JournalClinical Neurology and Neurosurgery
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2015


  • Fluorescein sodium
  • Fluorescence-guided surgery
  • Primary central nervous lymphoma
  • YELLOW 560 nm filter

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  • Clinical Neurology
  • Surgery


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