For Anti-HLA-specific donor antibodies detection by flow cytometry cytotoxic crossmatches comparison of methods

C. Cervelli, F. Pisani, A. Aureli, R. Azzarone, M. Scimitarra, C. Battistoni, B. Di Iulio, D. Fracassi, M. A. Scarnecchia, A. Famulari, F. Papola

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Anti-HLA-specific donor antibodies induce rapid, irreversible destruction of the transplant (hyperacute rejection) that today happens rarely due to immunologic studies - prospective crossmatch - of patients awaiting the kidney graft. The usual approach for pretransplant donor/recipient evaluation is based on 2 methods: (1) the cytotoxic complement crossmatch (CDC) and (2) the flow cytometric crossmatch (FCX). The CDC crossmatch is positive when complement-fixing antibodies are present, an absolute contraindication to kidney transplantation. The more sensitive FCX-positive crossmatch detects low concentrations of unable to fix performed antibodies complement. It is an "index" of possible damage due to accelerated rejection. The target of our study was to develop a cytotoxic flow cytometry crossmatch (cFCX) that detected cytotoxic antibodies move sensitively than the traditional CDC method and also was less subjective and more standardized for interpretation studying sera from 23 patients; the cFCX showed the requested efficiency characteristics even in an emergency. In addition, the new method permited one to calculate a cutoff for positivity (average value of the negative control + 2 standard deviations), assuring an "objective" interpretation of the results that agreed with the CDC but was more sensitive and accurate allowing solution of ambiguous results for cases of "doubt"-positive CDC crossmatch. Furthermore, our aim was to correlate the effect of the strength of the anti-HLA antibodies determined by mean fluorescence intensity value of LabScreen Single Antigen beads with results of CDC, cFCX, and FCX methods.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2761-2764
Number of pages4
JournalTransplantation Proceedings
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2013

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