Disordini funzionali ano-rettali: reperti defecografici associati e loro corrispondenza con la sintomatologia.

Translated title of the contribution: Functional ano-rectal disorders: associated defecographic findings and related symptoms

R. Grassi, O. Catalano, A. Salzano, M. Amitrano, B. Parisi, A. Rotondo

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We retrospectively analyzed our latest 564 defecographies to evaluate: the frequency of each single defecographic finding on the total number of patients and in the two sexes; the frequency of the finding as single disorder and in association with other anorectal disorders; the correlation between findings and symptoms. The most common disorders were anterior rectocele (54%), mucosal prolapse (53%), puborectalis muscle syndrome (15%), and intussusception (15%); this order is respected in women (70, 57, 17 and 16% of the study population) but differs in men (mucosal prolapse 42%, puborectalis muscle syndrome 18%, posterior rectocele 14%, and intussusception 14%). Intussusception and puborectalis muscle syndrome were identified as an isolated finding in many cases (55% and 43%, respectively). The most common associations are: posterior rectocele with anterior rectocele (58% of cases), anterior rectocele with mucosal prolapse and vice versa (63% and 64%), intussusception with anterior rectocele (52%), puborectalis muscle syndrome with mucosal prolapse (36%) and with anterior rectocele (49%) and descending perineum syndrome with anterior rectocele (81%) and with mucosal prolapse (70%). The low rate of association among some disorders should be mentioned too for example, mucosal prolapse is associated, with intussusception only in 10% of cases. Clinical-defecographic correlations are less apparent: if some symptoms are found to be more typical of some disorders, this correlation is not pathognomonic and the clinical picture is quite aspecific. We stress the value of a careful correlation between clinical-anamnestic and defecographic findings for the correct evaluation of these disorders.

Translated title of the contributionFunctional ano-rectal disorders: associated defecographic findings and related symptoms
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)56-62
Number of pages7
JournalRadiologia Medica
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - Jul 1994

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