Galeazzi's modified technique for recurrent patella dislocation in skeletally immature patients

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A large number of surgical techniques have been proposed for the treatment of recurrent patellar dislocation in adolescents, one of the most famous being Galeazzi's semitendinosus tenodesis as modified by Baker. The aim of this study was to verify the mid-term results of this technique, the effectiveness of restoring the patellofemoral congruency, by both static and dynamic computed tomography (CT), and to determine whether the preoperative type of patellofemoral relationship affects the results. Methods The study included 14 patients (16 knees), with a mean age of 11.6 years, Tanner stage B3, with at least two to three episodes of patellar dislocation. The patients underwent surgery using Baker's modification of Galeazzi's technique. All 14 patients were evaluated preoperatively and at least 4 years afterward by static and dynamic CT. Clinical evaluation at follow-up was performed using the criteria described by Crosby and Insall. Results Clinical results at follow-up were excellent in 62.5% and good in 37.5%. As preoperative evaluation showed a high patella in 7 out of 16 knees, two groups were considered: A, high patella; B, not high patella. The data obtained with static CT show that the patella reached a satisfactory congruence in all knees. The data obtained with dynamic CT showed different results between group A and B. A preoperative high patella remains high with quadriceps contraction and again shows the change of tilt and subluxation. In group B, the data obtained with dynamic CT are comparable with those obtained with static CT. Conclusions This technique produces good mid-term clinical results. However, the dynamic CT showed that in those patients with high patellas, semitendinosus tenodesis alone is not enough to stabilize the patella.

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JournalJournal of Orthopaedic Science
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