GEC-ESTRO ACROP recommendations in skin brachytherapy


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Purpose: The aim of this publication is to compile available literature data and expert experience regarding skin brachytherapy (BT) in order to produce general recommendations on behalf of the GEC-ESTRO Group. Methods: We have done an exhaustive review of published articles to look for general recommendations. Results: Randomized controlled trials, systemic reviews and meta-analysis are lacking in literature and there is wide variety of prescription techniques successfully used across the radiotherapy centers. BT can be delivered as superficial application (also called contact BT or plesiotherapy) or as interstitial for tumours thicker than 5 mm within any surface, including very irregular. In selected cases, particularly in tumours located within curved surfaces, BT can be advantageous modality from dosimetric and planning point of view when compared to external beam radiotherapy. The general rule in skin BT is that the smaller the target volume, the highest dose per fraction and the shortest overall length of treatment can be used. Conclusion: Skin cancer incidence is rising worldwide. BT offers an effective non-invasive or minimally invasive and relative short treatment that particularly appeals to elder and frail population.

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