Genetic counselling: Communication and psychosocial aspects

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The results of genetic research have a remarkable role in medicine progress. At the same time the issues of prevention, individual attitudes and behaviour have acquired more importance, not only in relation to the illness but also regarding one's health. For these reasons it is important to consider this field of study and intervention as an area to face, not only from the medical point of view but also from ethical and psychological ones. If we agree on the importance of a global approach to this problem, psychosocial support, which is often considered a parallel intervention, becomes a component of genetic counselling: the focal point of the intervention becomes the person, and not only the problem. The literature of the last years is rich of studies that have deepened these themes. Some studies have been analysed and reported but it is not easy to individualise a common patrimony of knowledge. Some aspects as information, communication, risk perception and psychological consequences are presented and discussed in this paper.

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  • genetic counselling
  • information
  • preventive attitude
  • psychosocial aspects

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