Genomic organization of the HSET locus and the possible association of HLA-linked genes with immotile cilia syndrome (ICS)

Karolina Janitz, Anna Wild, Stephan Beck, Salvatore Savasta, Giampiero Beluffi, Andreas Ziegler, Armin Volz

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The kinesin-related protein (HSET) gene belongs to the kinesin superfamily, the members of which are involved in cellular transport processes. The HSET gene product was previously characterized by partial cDNA sequencing. The gene is located on the short arm of human Chromosome 6 (6p21.3), at the centromeric end of the major histocompatibility complex. Here, we report the genomic structure of the complete HSET gene together with its flanking loci. Sequence analysis of the 40 kilobase (kb) cosmid clone containing the HSET gene also revealed the presence of several new genes not related to the kinesin superfamily. These include a 60S ribosomal protein L35A-like pseudogene (rPL35A-like) on the telomeric side and a polycomblike gene (PHF1), a copper tolerance-like gene (CUTA1) and the 5' part of the synaptic ras-GTPase-activating protein (SynGAP) gene centromeric of HSET. In addition, a complete 60S ribosomal protein L12-like (rPL12L) gene in intron 3 of the HSET gene was identified which appears to have an open reading frame. The possible involvement of the HSET gene and a β-tubulin gene (TUBB) in the pathogenesis of immotile cilia syndrome (ICS) was studied by screening two unrelated ICS families with microtubular defects and suspected HLA linkage for mutations within the HSET gene and the TUBB gene. Four single base substitu tions were detected in the HSET gene, and none in the TUBB gene. On the basis of these data, a role of the HSET and TUBB products in the pathogenesis of ICS in the two families is unlikely.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)644-652
Number of pages9
Issue number7-8
Publication statusPublished - 1999


  • HLA complex
  • Human Chromosome 6
  • Immotile cilia syndrome
  • Kinesin multigene family
  • Mutation

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  • Genetics


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