Growth hormone releasing factor-test in acromegaly: Comparison with other dynamic tests

M. Losa, J. Schopohl, G. K. Stalla, O. A. Müller, K. von Werder

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Human pancreatic growth hormone releasing factor (hpGRF1-44) was given intravenously as a 100 μg bolus to 20 patients with active acromegaly. The GH-responses were variable, ranging from an increase of 8 to 2813% from the basal level (mean ± SE, 428 ± 136%). Sixteen GFR-responders (Δ% ≥ 100%) were arbitrarily distinguished from four GFR non-responders, whose GH-levels increased less than 100% from basal level after GFR-administration. The outcome of the GFR-test did not correlate with the results of other dynamic tests of GH-secretion in acromegaly (oral glucose tolerance test, insulin hypoglycaemia, TRH-, LHRH-, CRF-stimulation). In 10 patients who had not been treated before, the GH-increments after GFR were higher than those in seven patients who had previously been subjected to transsphenoidal surgery, though they still had clinically and biochemically active acromegaly. Ten acromegalics, who were tested with GRF, were later treated surgically by the transsphenoidal route and were reevaluated with GFR-stimulation 2 months after surgery. Eight patients appeared clinically cured of whom four had complete normalization and four had significantly lower basal and conventionally stimulated GH-levels postoperatively. These patients also had normal postoperative GH-responses to GFR, which had been significantly higher before surgery compared with normal controls. It is concluded that the GFR-test in acromegaly does not help in establishing the diagnosis. The normalization of the GH-response to GFR after transsphenoidal surgery seems to represent additional evidence for normalization of GH-secretion, though the latter is not proven by the normal outcome of this test.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)99-109
Number of pages11
JournalClinical Endocrinology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1985

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