Linee guida della terapia antipertensiva nell'iperteso diabetico

Translated title of the contribution: Guideline for antihypertensive therapy in diabetic hypertensive patients

G. Mancia, G. Grassi

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Several controlled intervention trials performed in the past have unequivocally shown that the reduction of elevated blood pressure values is accompanied by a marked decrease in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality associated with hypertension. The clinical benefits of antihypertensive treatment have been demonstrated not only in severe hypertension, mild-to- moderate hypertension or in hypertension of the elderly, but also in the hypertensive condition frequently observed in the diabetic disease. This paper will review the scientific evidences showing the benefits of antihypertensive treatment in the hypertensive patient without or with diabetes mellitus. This will be followed by a discussion of some important clinical issues such as 1) the choice of antihypertensive drugs to be employed in diabetic hypertensive patients, 2) the goal blood pressure values to be achieved during treatment and 3) the modern therapeutic strategies to be followed in order to obtain an adequate blood pressure control in diabetic hypertensives, which are characterized by a high risk cardiovascular profile.

Translated title of the contributionGuideline for antihypertensive therapy in diabetic hypertensive patients
Original languageItalian
JournalAnnali Italiani di Medicina Interna, Supplement
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1998

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