Emodiafiltrazione con reinfusione endogena (HFR).

Translated title of the contribution: [Hemodiafiltration with endogenous reinfusion].

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The dialysis population continues to increase in age and also the number of comorbidities is on the rise in this population. Replacement therapy techniques need to take these clinical challenges into account. Hemofiltrate reinfusion (HFR) is a type of hemodiafiltration where the replacement fluid consists of ultrafiltrate from the patient regenerated through a cartridge containing hydrophobic styrene resin. HFR may offer a good compromise between the optimization of toxin removal and the possible loss of beneficial physiological substances. Patients with a high comorbidity rate benefit in terms of reduced inflammation and improved nutrition. Moreover, the recent development of HFR Aequilibrium, a dialysis technique based on the combination of HFR with dialysate Na+ and UF profiles, has proved to be effective in stabilizing the intradialytic hemodynamics and to be a useful tool in the dialysis routine. HFR appears to be a useful technique for patients with complex risk factors such as malnutrition, inflammation and atherosclerosis.

Translated title of the contribution[Hemodiafiltration with endogenous reinfusion].
Original languageItalian
JournalGiornale italiano di nefrologia : organo ufficiale della Società italiana di nefrologia
Volume29 Suppl 55
Publication statusPublished - May 2012

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