Heterogeneous effects of B7-1 and B7-2 in the induction of both protective and therapeutic antitumor immunity against different mouse tumors

Alfonso Martin-Fontecha, Federica Cavallo, Matteo Bellone, Silvia Heltai, Giandomenica Lezzi, Paola Tornaghi, Nasrin Nabavi, Guido Forni, Paolo Dellabona, Giulia Casorati

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Experimental mouse tumors are classified as intrinsically immunogenic when, after a single injection into syngeneic mice as nonreplicating cell vaccines, they elicit a protective immune response against a subsequent lethal challenge. Tumors that do not retain this residual immunogenicity are defined as poorly immunogenic or nonimmunogenic. The expression of the B7-1 co-stimulatory molecule on immunogenic tumors can further increase their capacity to induce a T cell-dependent anti-tumor immunity, whereas it has limited effects on nonimmunogenic tumors. Recently, B7-2, a second molecule with an apparently similar co-stimulatory activity, has been cloned. In this report, we compare the efficiency of nonreplicating cells from one immunogenic and two nonimmunogenic mouse tumors transfected with B7-1 or B7-2 in the induction of protective and curative anti-tumor immunity. Immunogenic lymphoma cells expressing B7-1 or B7-2 are equally effective in both protecting against a subsequent challenge and curing established tumors. By contrast, nonimmunogenic adenocarcinoma and melanoma cells expressing B7-2 provide superior protective immunity, and only B7-2+ adenocarcinoma cells induce an efficient curative immunity. CD8+ and polymorphonuclear cells, but not CD4+ T cells, are critically involved in the rejection of the adenocarcinoma elicited by both B7-1+ and B7-2+ vaccines. These data indicate that B7-1 and B7-2 are not redundant co-stimulatory molecules and that, in these experimental models, B7-2 is superior to B7-1 in the induction of an efficient immunity when the immunogenicity of a tumor is a limiting factor.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1851-1859
Number of pages9
JournalEuropean Journal of Immunology
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 1996


  • Anti-tumor immunity
  • B7-1
  • B7-2
  • Co-stimulation
  • Tumor immunogenicity

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