Lo screening per l'infezione da HIV-1 mirato alle donne in un centro per le malattie sessualmente trasmesse (MST). Confronto tra due quinquenni di attività

Translated title of the contribution: HIV-1 testing among women attending a clinic for sexually transmitted diseases

M. Giuliani, G. Palamara, A. Mainl, F. Palamara, G. Prignano, E. Crescimbeni, A. Di Carlo

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Objective: To determine changes over time in the proportion of individuals requesting HIV-1 testing represented by women and in the HIV-1 prevalence among women attending a centre for sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in Rome Italy. Methods: We analysed the computerised clinical records of all women undergoing HIV-1 testing in two five-year periods (i.e., 1985-89 and 1993-97). Results: In the period 1985-89, 2,605 individuals underwent HIV-1 testing; 605 (23,2%) of these individuals were women. In the period 1993-97, 5,981 individuals were tested; 2,015 (33.7%) were women. When analysing the proportion of women tested by exposure category, there was an increase in the proportion of non-drug-using heterosexual women (75-5% in 1985-89 vs. 84.6% in 1993-97) and of women from geographical areas endemic for HIV (1.8% vs. 5.5%, respectively), where as there was a decrease in the proportion of tested women represented by intravenous drug users (12.4% vs. 2.7%). Overall, the prevalence of HIV-1 infection among women decreased (8.8% in 1985-89 vs. 5.0% in 1993-97). When considering specific exposure categories, the prevalence increased among partners of HIV-1 infected males (8.7% vs. 36.5%) and among women from endemic areas (2.8% vs. 9-3%). Discussion and conclusions: The increased proportion of women requesting HIV-1 testing, especially those reporting at-risk heterosexual behaviour, suggests that women are generally more informed with regard to the risks of sexual transmission. However, the increase in HIV-1 prevalence among women with an HIV-1-infected partner and those from endemic areas suggests that programmes for preventing sexual transmission need to be improved.

Translated title of the contributionHIV-1 testing among women attending a clinic for sexually transmitted diseases
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)34-37
Number of pages4
JournalMinerva Ginecologica
Issue number12 SUPPL. 1
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2000

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