Hormonal therapy in patients with stage IV breast cancer at diagnosis

N. Zilembo, E. Bajetta, C. Noberasco, G. Vicario, E. Bichisao, M. D'Aprile

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The incidence of stage IV breast cancer at diagnosis is low, representing about 8% of all new cases. We report on the results obtained with a new aromatase inhibitor, formestane (500 mg i.m. fortnightly), given as a first treatment to fifteen postmenopausal patients with metastatic breast cancer. The overall response rate was 40%, with one complete remission in a patient with soft tissue and bone lesions and five partial remissions. The drug was well tolerated and no significant systemic or local side effects were observed. We conclude that first treatment of stage IV breast cancer appears to be feasible with a hormonal drug such as formestane.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)601-602
Number of pages2
JournalOncology Reports
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1995


  • Aromatase inhibitors
  • Formestane
  • Hormonotherapy
  • Metastatic breast cancer

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  • Cancer Research
  • Oncology


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