How effective is embolization with N-2-butyl-cyanoacrylate for aneurysmal bone cysts?

Giuseppe Rossi, Andreas F. Mavrogenis, Giancarlo Facchini, Tommaso Bartalena, Eugenio Rimondi, Matteo Renzulli, Andrea Andreone, Stefano Durante, Andrea Angelini, Costantino Errani

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Purpose: To evaluate the outcome of selective arterial embolization with N-2-butyl-cyanoacrylate for aneurysmal bone cysts. Methods: We retrospectively studied 102 patients (72 male, 30 female; mean age, 16 years; range, 3–60 years) with aneurysmal bone cysts treated with embolization with N-2-butyl-cyanoacrylate. Mean follow-up was seven years (range, 3–13 years); no patient was lost to follow-up. We evaluated healing and recurrences of the lesions, complications and cost of the procedures, and recurrences with respect to age and gender of the patients, and size and location of the lesions. Results: Embolization was feasible in 88 patients (86.3%), and not feasible in 14 patients (13.6%) because feeding arteries were not identified or the spinal artery of Adamkiewicz was recognized at the embolization field. Seventy two patients (81.8%) experienced complete healing of their lesions after a single (50 patients, 56.8%), a second (17 patients, 19.3%) or a third embolization (5 patients, 5.7%). Sixteen patients (18.2%) experienced recurrence within four months (range, 3–9 months) after embolization; these patients underwent surgical treatment. Recurrences were more common in patients younger than 15 years of age and cysts larger than 6 cm, without any difference with respect to gender and location. Four patients (4.5%) experienced a complication including skin necrosis, sciatic nerve paresthesias, and femoral artery pseudoaneurysm. The cost estimate was 3000 euro per procedure. Conclusion: Embolization of aneurysmal bone cysts with N-2-butyl-cyanoacrylate is associated with good results and low complication rates, however, experience, technical skills, and knowledge of the vascular anatomy of the area is necessary.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-8
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JournalInternational Orthopaedics
Publication statusAccepted/In press - Dec 8 2016


  • Aneurysmal bone cyst
  • Embolization
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