HPB Surgery: An Independent Speciality or a Branch of Digestive Surgery?

Giuseppe Gozzetti, Alighieri Mazziotti, Gian Luca Grazi

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List of the surgeons who responded to the questionnaire and conveyed their personal comments or suggestions: Ballesta Lopez, C. (Spain), Belghiti, J. (France), Belli, L. (Italy), Berard, P. H. (France), Bismuth, H. (France), Boillot, O. (France), Boissel, P. (France), Bresadola, F. (Italy), Broelsch, C. E. (Germany), Calleja Kempin, I. J. (Spain), Caine, R. (United Kingdom), Castagneto, M. (Italy), Castro Sousa, F. (Portugal), ChapuiS, Y. (France), Chipponi, J. (France), Cortesini, R. (Italy), Cuilleret, J. (France), D’Amico, D. (Italy), de Hemptinne, B. (Belgium), Decurtins, M. (Switzerland), Descottes, B. (France), Di Carlo, V. (Italy), Eigier, F. W. (Germany), Ericzon, B. G. (Sweden), Fagniez, P. L. (France), Fékétè, F. (France), Foster, J. (USA), Fourtanier, L. (France), Franco, D. (France), Funovics, J. M. (Austria), Galmarini, D. (Italy), Gigot, G. F. (Belgium), Gennari, L. (Italy), Habib, N. A. (United Kingdom), Hayter, B. (United Kingdom), Houssin, D. (France), Jeppsson, B. (Sweden), Kalicinski, P. (Poland), Karlberg, J. (Sweden), Kriste, G. (Germany), La Calle, P. (Spain), Lambiliotte, J. P. (Belgium), Launois, B. (France), Li, A. (Hong Kong), Lygidakis, N. (Greek), Maffei Faccioli, A. (Italy), Makuuchi, M. (Japan), Margreiter, P. (Austria), Mathisen, O. (Norway), McMaster, P. (United Kingdom), Meurisse, M. (Belgium), Moreno Gonzalez, E. (Spain), Mouiel, J. (France), Nagasue, N. (Japan), Nagorney, D. M. (USA), Neuhaus, N. (Germany), Nuzzo, G. (Italy), Obertop, H. (Holland), Otte, J. B. (Belgium), Paquet, K. J. (Germany), Penninckx, F. (Belgium), Pichlmayr, R. (Germany), Pisa, F. (Austria), Puntis, M. C. A. (United Kingdom), Rohner, A. (Switzerland), Rossi, R. (USA), Rovati, V, (Italy), Scheele, J. (Germany), Segol, P. (France), Slooff, M. (Holland), Starzl, T. E. (USA), Tiberio, G. (Italy), Tobe, T. (Japan), Williamson, R.C.N. (United Kingdom).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)111-113
Number of pages3
JournalHPB Surgery
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1994

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  • Hepatology
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