Identification of the TCL6 genes within the breakpoint cluster region on chromosome 14q32 in T-cell leukemia

Masumichi Saitou, Jun Sugimoto, Toyomasa Hatakeyama, Giandomenico Russo, Masaharu Isobe

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A region on chromosome 14q32.1 is often involved in chromosomal translocations and inversions with one of the T-cell receptor loci in T-cell lymphoproliferative diseases. The breakpoints of the different rearrangements segregate into two clusters; a cluster due to inversion on the centromeric side and a cluster due to simple balanced translocations on the telomeric side. If the target gene activated by these different types of chromosomal rearrangements is the same, the gene must be localized between the two clusters of breakpoints in a region of around 160 kb. Within this breakpoint cluster region, we isolated two genes; namely, TCL1 and TML1/TCL1b genes. In the course of characterizing the TML1 gene, we further identified a third novel gene, which we named TCL6 (T-cell leukemia/lymphoma 6), from a region 7 kb upstream of the TML1 locus. The TCL6 gene expressed at least 11 isoforms through very complex alternative-splicing, including splicing with the TML1 gene. Those isoforms encode at least five open reading frames (ORFs) with no homology to known sequences. The localization of the proteins corresponding to these ORF was determined by fusing green fluorescence protein at the carboxyl terminal of each ORF. ORF141 and ORF72 were observed in the cytoplasmic region, while ORF105, ORF119, and ORF163 were predominantly localized in the nuclear region. Since the TCL6 gene was expressed in T-cell leukemia carrying a t(14;14)(q11;q32.1) chromosome translocation and was not expressed in normal T-cells (just like the TML1 and TCL1 genes), it is also a candidate gene potentially involved in leukemogenesis.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2796-2802
Number of pages7
Issue number23
Publication statusPublished - May 25 2000


  • Chromosome 14q32
  • MTCP-1
  • T-cell leukemia
  • TCL1
  • TML1
  • Translocation

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