Image-guided thermal ablation of central renal tumors with retrograde cold pyeloperfusion technique: a monocentric experience

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Purpose: To evaluate feasibility, safety and efficacy of image-guided thermal ablations associated with retrograde pyeloperfusion in patients with centrally located renal tumors. Materials and methods: 48 patients (15 women, 33 men, mean age 69.1 ± 11.8) were treated with image-guided thermal ablation associated with pyeloperfusion for 58 centrally located renal tumors (mean diameter 32.3 ± 7.32 mm). 7 patients had a single kidney. Microwave and radiofrequency ablation were used. All treatments were performed with ultrasound, CT, or fusion imaging guidance under general anesthesia and simultaneous retrograde cold pyeloperfusion technique. Results: Procedure was feasible in all cases. Technical success and primary technical efficacy were reached in 51/58 (88%) and 45/54 tumors (83%). With a second ablation performed in 5 tumors, secondary technical efficacy was achieved in 50/50 (100%) tumors. Minor and major complications occurred in 8/58 (13%) and 5/58 (8%) tumors. No significative change in renal function occurred after treatment. During follow-up, 5 recurrences occurred, that were retreated with a second ablation. At last follow up (mean 32.2 ± 22.0 months), 41/48 (85%) treated patients were free from disease. The median TTP and PFS were 27.0 (range, 2.3–80.0) and 26.5 months (range, 2.3–80.0), respectively. Conclusion: Image-guided thermal ablation associated with protective pyeloperfusion is a feasible, safe, and effective treatment option for patients with central renal tumors with a minimal impact on renal function and relevant potential to avoid nephrectomy.

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JournalInternational Journal of Hyperthermia
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2020


  • ablation
  • fusion imaging
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  • pyeloperfusion
  • Renal cell carcinoma

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