Immediate Loaded Implants in Split-Crest Procedure

Roberto Crespi, Giovanni B. Bruschi, Giorgio Gastaldi, Paolo Capparé, Enrico F. Gherlone

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Background: The aim of this study was to assess survival rate of immediate loading implants placed after split-crest technique. Methods: Thirty-six patients were enrolled in the study. They underwent placement of 93 dental implants in edentulous region after split-crest ridge expansion procedure. Implants followed an immediate loading procedure. Crestal bone levels were measured at baseline, at temporary prosthesis placement, at 1 year, and at 2 years from implant placement. Results: For dental implants, a survival rate of 98.92% was reported at 2-year follow-up, with a mean value bone loss of -1.02±0.48. Conclusion: This study assessed immediate loading implant placement after split-crest procedure at 2-year follow-up.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)e692-e698
JournalClinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research
Publication statusPublished - Oct 1 2015


  • Dental implant
  • Immediate loading
  • Magnetic mallet
  • Split crest

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  • Dentistry(all)
  • Oral Surgery


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