Immunotherapeutic intervention against sarcomas

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Advances in systemic therapy for sarcoma have produced, over the last two decades, relatively short-term benefits for the majority of patient. Among the novel biologic therapeutics that will likely increase our ability to cure human cancer in the years to come, immunotherapy is one of the most promising approaches. While past attempts to use immunotherapy have failed to dramatically shift the paradigm of care for the treat-ment of patients with sarcoma, major advances in basic and translational research have resulted, in more recent years, in clinical trial activity that is now beginning to generate promising results. However, to move from "proof of principle" to large scale clinical ap-plicability, we need well-designed, multi-institutional clinical trials, along with contin-uous laboratory research to explore further the immunological characteristics of indi-vidual sarcoma subtypes and the consequent tailoring of therapy.

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JournalJournal of Cancer
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