Impaired autonomic vascular control: A non linear dynamic analysis

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The specific role of autonomic vascular control in determining non-linear behaviour of RR intervals is not clear. In 10 T12-L4 paraplegic subjects (light vascular autonomic impairment), 12 T 5-T11 paraplegic subjects (moderate vascular autonomic impairment), and 24 controls RR time series were recorded (10 min): 1) in resting supine position; 2) sitting on the wheelchair and 3) during a light (5W) arm exercise. Fractal Dimension (FD), Approximate Entropy (ApEn) and the a scaling exponent (α-DFA, Detrended Fluctuation Analysis) were calculated. The lesional level significantly affected ApEn (p=0.004), FD (p=0.007) and α-DFA (p=0.002). Autonomic activation did not influence FD and α-DFA, but significantly affected ApEn (p=0.03S). It seems that FD and α-DFA are influenced by the changes in nonlinear RR dynamics due to vascular autonomic impairment but not to autonomic activation, whereas ApEn may be equally responsive to either condition.

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