Implementation of a real-world based ICF set for the rehabilitation of respiratory diseases: A pilot study

M. Vitacca, A. Giardini, G. Corica, P. Ceriana, M. Carone, B. Balbi, C. Fracchia, M. Maniscalco, F. Fanfulla, N. Sarno, R. Raccanelli, S. Traversoni, A. Spanevello

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Background: International Classification Functioning (ICF) Core Sets represent a holistic approach to functioning within rehabilitation field. Information-reporting efficacy of a rehabilitation-based Respiratory ICF set applied on a large scale throughout the ICS Maugeri network was tested. Methods: A prospective multi-center study (May-November 2018) was conducted for all respiratory inpatients consecutively admitted for rehabilitation. Doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, nurses used an electronic Respiratory ICF set (33 items among the ICF body functions, activity and participations components) at admission and at discharge to assess the disability changes. The ICF report qualifiers, from 0 (no impairment) to 4 (maximum impairment), guided clinical, diagnostic and rehabilitation prescriptions. Results: 1886 patients (69.6±10.8 years; M=1045) were admitted (589 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 494 chronic respiratory failure [CRF], 21 prolonged mechanical ventilation [PMV], 496 with other respiratory diseases), of whom 15 died, and 117 were transferred to acute care. The mean length of stay was 23.1±11.8 days (range 1-122). The mean time to fill in the ICF set was 23.16±0.70 min. The rate of filled charts improved from 16% in May to 100% in November. The baseline distribution of the more severe qualifiers (>2) progressively increased from the whole sample to the PMV subgroup. After rehabilitation, in the whole sample and in the CRF and PMV subgroups, the severity qualifiers significantly decreased (P<0.0001), showing a positive effect of the intervention on patients' disability. Conclusions: Routine use of a Respiratory ICF set for chronic respiratory diseases helps to prepare a personalized rehabilitation program discriminating disability level in different respiratory diseases and assessing disability outcomes pre-post rehabilitation. © 2019 Edizioni Minerva Medica.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)239-244
Number of pages6
JournalMinerva Medica
Issue number31
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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