Translated title of the contribution: In situ ductal breast's carcinoma (DCIS): Clinical picture and treatment

A. G F Miro, P. Marra, U. Pace, F. Amalfitano, B. L. Farina, E. Barletta, P. Delrio, M. R. De Filippo, G. Limite, G. Petrella

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DCIS is a breast lesion at high evolutive potential towards an infiltrating breast cancer. First a rare lesion (less than 5%) it has became more frequent (20-22%) thanks to mass screening programs that allow to single out mammographic lesions suspected to be DCIS. The natural history of DCIS isn't still well known, although we know that it has the trend to acquire infiltrating and metastatic potential in 50% of cases. Its multicentricity reaches the 50-70% and its bilaterality is about 14-50%. These observations, together with description of early local relapses after conservative surgical therapy followed by radiation therapy, induced many authors to consider the mastectomy as the best choice of treatment. Today we are taking notice of revival of studies about conservative treatment for DCIS with adjuvant radiation therapy. Adjuvant therapy with Tamoxifen in patients with high concentration of ER and PgR in cancer cells is still studying in many trials. The authors, in this paper, revalue the literature about DCIS and explain their therapeutical trend in front of such diagnosis.

Translated title of the contributionIn situ ductal breast's carcinoma (DCIS): Clinical picture and treatment
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)404-413
Number of pages10
JournalRassegna Internazionale di Clinica e Terapia
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 1993

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