Indicazioni alla risonanza magnetica mammaria. Documento di consenso "attualità in Senologia", Firenze 2007

Translated title of the contribution: Indications for breast magnetic resonance imaging. Consensus document "attualità in senologia", Florence 2007

F. Sardanelli, G. M. Giuseppetti, G. Canavese, L. Cataliotti, S. Corcione, E. Cossu, M. Federico, L. Marotti, L. Martincich, P. Panizza, F. Podo, M. Rosselli Del Turco, C. Zuiani, C. Alfano, M. Bazzocchi, P. Belli, S. Bianchi, A. Cilotti, M. Calabrese, L. CarbonaroL. Cortesi, C. Di Maggio, A. Del Maschio, A. Esseridou, A. Fausto, M. Gennaro, R. Girometti, R. Ienzi, A. Luini, S. Manoukian, S. Morassutt, D. Morrone, J. Nori, A. Orlacchio, F. Pane, P. Panzarola, R. Ponzone, G. Simonetti, P. Torricelli, G. Valeri

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The clinical use of breast magnetic resonance (MR) imaging is increasing, especially for applications requiring paramagnetic contrast-agent injection. This document presents a synthetic list of acceptable indications with potential advantages for women according to evidence from the literature and the expert opinion of the panel that developed this statement. We generally recommend that breast MR imaging be performed in centres with experience in conventional breast imaging [mammography and ultrasonography (US)] and needle-biopsy procedures (under stereotactic or US guidance) as well as in breast MR imaging and second-look US for findings not revealed by conventional imaging performed before MR imaging. In our opinion, there is no evidence in favour of breast MR imaging as a diagnostic tool to characterise equivocal findings at conventional imaging when needle-biopsy procedures can be performed, nor for the study of asymptomatic, non-high-risk women with negative conventional imaging. After a description of technical and methodological requirements, we define the indications and limitations of breast MR imaging for surveillance of high-risk women, local staging before surgery, evaluation of the effect of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, breast previously treated for carcinoma, carcinoma of unknown primary syndrome, nipple discharge and breast implants.

Translated title of the contributionIndications for breast magnetic resonance imaging. Consensus document "attualità in senologia", Florence 2007
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)1085-1095
Number of pages11
JournalRadiologia Medica
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2008

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