Influence of interferon on the functional expression of natural killer target structures of murine lymphoma cells

S. Marini, F. Guadagni, E. Bonmassar, P. Potenza, A. Giuliani

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Murine lymphoma cells (YAC-1), induced by Moloney leukemia virus, nontreated (YAC) or pretreated in vitro with interferon (YAC-IF), were tested for their susceptibility to natural killer (NK)-mediated cytolysis. In line with previous reports YAC-IF were less susceptible to NK lysis than YAC cells. In cold competitions assay, YAC-IF inhibited cytotoxicity to a lesser extent than YAC lymphoma when labeled target YAC cells were used. However, when radioactive YAC-IF cells were used as targets, cold competition attained with both YAC and YAC-IF was essentially the same. Furthermore, effector spenocytes, depleted of NK effector cells through immunoabsorption on YAC monolayer, were inactive against both YAC and YAC-IF targets. On the other hand, effector lymphocytes, absorbed on YAC-IF monolayer, retained NK activity against YAC cells but not against YAC-IF targets. These results are compatible with the hypothesis that interferon (IF) modulates negatively a subset of "interferon-susceptible" (IFS) NK target structure(s) (TS) of YAC cells, which would then express membrane determinants not functionally present on YAC-IF cells. On the other hand YAC and YAC-IF cells share "interferon-resistant" (IFR) TS not affected by pretreatment with IF. In order to test whether IFS·TS and IFR·TS are present on the same cell or clonally distributed, YAC cells were cloned and tested for NK susceptibility following IF pretreatment. The results did not support the hypothesis of a clonal distribution of both IFS·TS and IFR·TS since IF pretreatment of all clones, obtained by limiting diluition, resulted in a net impairment of target susceptibility to NK effector cells.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)113-125
Number of pages13
JournalCellular Immunology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Oct 1 1986

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