Trattamento integrato delle carcinosi peritoneali: esperienza preliminare.

Translated title of the contribution: Integrated treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis: preliminary experience

B. De Rosa, M. Valle, F. Cavaliere, O. Federici, I. Sperduti, A. Garofalo

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


A prospective study has been carried on 37 patients, 35 of them affected by peritoneal carcinomatosis from ovarian (16), appendiceal (7), colorectal (5), mesothelial (4), gastric (3) primary and 2 affected by sarcomatosis. Mean PCI was 22 (median, 22). Eighty-five percent of the patients presented debilitating ascites associated in 23% to initial symptoms of intestinal obstruction. All the patients have been treated with peritonectomy and intraoperative hyperthermic chemoperfusion and CC 0-1 cytoreduction was achieved in 81%. Major morbidity and mortality was respectively 37.8% and 16.2%, where 5 out 6 deaths recorded in the first 19 months of our experience, representing our learning curve. At a median follow-up of 8 months (range, 1-54), 18 patients are alive and disease-free and 4 patients are alive with disease. Two-yr overall survival was 49.1% for all series. Difference in survival evaluating CC 0-1 vs CC 2 patients was statistically significant.

Translated title of the contributionIntegrated treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis: preliminary experience
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationI supplementi di Tumori : official journal of Società italiana di cancerologia ... [et al.]
Publication statusPublished - 2005


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