Translated title of the contribution: Interaction between drugs, alcohol and automobile driving

L. Manzo, M. De Bernardi, N. Lery

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Drivers who take certain drugs may become unsafe after ingestion of only a small quatity of alcohol. Knowledge of the interaction between alcohol and pharmaceutical preparations should not be restricted to scientists (forensic medicine specialists, jurists, toxicologists) but should also be extended to traffic safety associations, temperance leagues, etc., so that drivers may be acquainted with the fact that certain drugs may render driving dangerous when taken in combination with alcohol. It has been proposed that study of the interaction of drugs and alcohol should be included in the program of preclinical research of new drugs (and even that it should be made obligatory). Certain authors even advocate that as long as no precise information concerning the metabolism of a preparation is available, taking alcohol should be refrained from absolutely in the course of the treatment. This concept of interaction further gives rise to questions reaching even farther, viz. the possible interactions of alcohol with a motor driver's chemical, toxicological and alimentary environment and the possibility of the consequences affecting not only traffic safety but occupational safety as well, especially in the case of machine operators.

Translated title of the contributionInteraction between drugs, alcohol and automobile driving
Original languageFrench
Title of host publicationBULL.MED.LEG.URG.MED.CNT.ANTI.POIS.
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 1976

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