Interferon therapy for chronic viral hepatitis: Results of a Consensus Conference

G. Verme, G. Saracco, A. Alberti, G. Fattovich, A. Ascione, L. Amitrano, L. Pagliaro, P. Almasio, M. Rizzetto, F. Rosina, S. Brillanti, L. Barbara, F. B. Bianchi, F. Bonino, G. Budillon, M. Chiaramonte, M. Colombo, M. M. Coltorti, R. Cortesini

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During a Consensus Conference held in Bologna, Italy (June 1992), some guidelines were drawn for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B, C and D with Interferon. According to the majority of the investigators, chronic viral hepatitis B (HBeAg+ and HBeAg-) should be treated with at least 5 MU Interferon t.i.w. for 6 months. Results are considered good in HBeAg+ patients (HBV-DNA clearance and HBeAg anti-HBe+ seroconversion in 40-50% of patients treated), but disappointing in anti-HBe+, HBV-DNA patients. In both groups, relapsing patients are retreated with the same dosage and regimen by most of the participants. Patients not responding to a first cycle of IFN are usually not retreated. The vast majority of the Centres (93%) use high IFN doses (10 MU t.i.w.) for at least 12 months in chronic hepatitis D; however, response is commonly considered to be low. Retreatment of non-responders is not recommended, while a second IFN course is suggested for relapsing patients. In chronic hepatitis C, treatment should begin with 3 MU IFN t.i.w. for 3 months. For non-responders, the dose should be increased to 6 MU t.i.w.. If after 3 months ALT levels are still abnormal, treatment should be stopped. If patients relapse when therapy is withdrawn, re-treating with the initial regimen is recommended. For optimum effect, treatment has to be tailored to the patient's needs, taking into consideration: 1) the patient's age (15-65 years); 2) the stage of disease (only compensated liver disease); 3) the presence of predictive response factors (ie, low viraemia, short duration of disease).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)43-47
Number of pages5
JournalGastroenterology International
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1994

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