Les méningiomes intracrâniens: Recherche et traitement actuels

Translated title of the contribution: Intracranial meningiomas: Current research and treatment

G. Zona, N. De Tribolet

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Intracranial meningiomas are generally benign tumours which represent the second primary intracranial tumours after gliomas. Surgical treatment remains at present the treatment of choice, nevertheless, in the past 15 years, impressive improvements have been made in research fields as well as in therapeutic options, mainly due to better knowledge in molecular genetics and to the development of radiotherapy techniques. On the contrary at present, chemotherapy, while presenting interesting results, does not yet play a pivotal role in clinics.

Translated title of the contributionIntracranial meningiomas: Current research and treatment
Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)1612-1615
Number of pages4
JournalMedecine et Hygiene
Issue number2220
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2 1998

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