Intraoperative DTI and brain mapping for surgery of neoplasm of the motor cortex and the corticospinal tract: Our protocol and series in BrainSUITE

Giancarlo D'Andrea, Albina Angelini, Andrea Romano, Antonio Di Lauro, Giovanni Sessa, Alessandro Bozzao, Luigi Ferrante

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We report our preliminary series of patients treated for lesions involving the motor cortex and the corticospinal tract in BrainSuite, with intraoperative MRI, tractography and neuronavigated electrophysiological cortical and subcortical mapping. An exact localization of the cortical and subcortical functional areas is mandatory for executing surgery of intra-parenchymal neoplasm involving the motor cortex and the corticospinal tract. Nowadays modern technology offers a variety of tools to reduce as much as possible postoperative deficits during surgery of cerebral eloquent areas. From December 2008 and June 2010, 18 patients underwent functional surgery, for neoplasm involving the motor cortex and/or the subcortical pathway, in BrainSuite. Our preliminary series include 14 gliomas and 4 metastases; Table 1 summarizes all of the data. We included in this series patients with complete removal of lesions of eloquent areas with an average distance from the corticospinal tract of 4 mm. Six neoplasms were considered in contact and/or involving the motor cortex, while in 18 cases (100%) the tumour involved eloquent areas concerning the corticospinal tract. All of the patients underwent complete removal of the lesion as subsequently demonstrated by intraoperative postsurgical MRI. Our series highlights the good integration and the high compatibility between BrainSUITE with 1.5 T intraoperative magnetic field and neurophysiological monitoring. We strongly believe that intraoperative MRI with DTI allows us to treat complex surgery tumours that without its auxilium we would not be able to deal with.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)401-412
Number of pages12
JournalNeurosurgical Review
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2012



  • Brain mapping
  • Corticospinal tract
  • Intraoperative MRI
  • Motor cortex

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