IS26 mediated antimicrobial resistance gene shuffling from the chromosome to a mosaic conjugative FII plasmid

M. Oliva, R. Monno, P. Addabbo, G. Pesole, M. Scrascia, C. Calia, A. M. Dionisi, M. Chiara, D. S. Horner, C. Manzari, C. Pazzani

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In the present study we report the identification of a sul3-associated class 1 integron containing the dfrA12-orfF-aadA2-cmlA1-aadA1-qacH array embedded in a Tn21-derived element that is part of a conjugative FII plasmid named pST1007-1A. The plasmid was identified in the Salmonella Typhimurium strain ST1007, a member of a clinically relevant clonal MDR lineage diffuse in Italy. ST1007 exhibited resistance to ampicillin, chloramphenicol, streptomycin, sulphamethoxazole, tetracycline and trimethoprim encoded by blaTEM-1, cmlA1, (aadA1, aadA2, strAB), (sul2, sul3), tet(B) and dfrA12 genes, respectively. Apart from pST1007-1A, ST1007 also harbours two chromosome-integrated resistance units RU1 (blaTEM-1-sul2-strAB) and RU2 (tet(B)), flanked by IS26 elements. RU1 and RU2 were able to move as translocatable units, respectively TU1 and TU2, and integrate via IS26 mediated recombination into pST1007-1A. A family of conjugative plasmids, harbouring different sets of antimicrobial resistance genes (ARG) was then generated: pST1007-1B (dfrA12-aadA2-cmlA1-aadA1-sul3- tet(B)), pST1007-1C (dfrA12-aadA2-cmlA1-aadA1-sul3-blaTEM-1-sul2-strAB), pST1007-1D (blaTEM-1-sul2-strAB), pST1007-1E (tet(B)) and pST1007-1F (dfrA12-aadA2-cmlA1-aadA1-sul3- tet(B) -blaTEM-1-sul2-strAB). pST1007-1A is also a mosaic plasmid containing two distinct DNA fragments acquired from I1 plasmids through recombination within the repA4, rfsF and repeat-3 sites. This study further highlights the role played by IS26 in intracellular ARGs shuffling. Moreover, attention has been focused on recombination hot spots that might play a key role in generating mosaic plasmids.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)22-30
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - Nov 1 2018


  • IS26
  • Mosaic Plasmid
  • Multidrug resistance
  • Tn21-derived

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