Lack of HIV isolation from PBMC defines a subgroup of ltnpwith very lowviremia and plasma slL-2R

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Objective: To investigate the virological and immunological characteristics of HIV LTNR Methods: A cohort of 29 LTNR including 7 hemophiliacs and 15 ex-IVDU was evaluated for HIV RNA in plasma and PBMC; quantitative proviral DNA load in P6MC viral isolation from PBMC and plasma: cytotones/cytokine-receptor (R) concentrations in plasma by ELISA. Results: HIV isolation by cocultivation of total PBMC with allogeneic PHA blasts of uninfected donors was successful in 15/29 (52 %) cases; HIV phenotype was N5I in 13/15 isolates (87 %). Plasma viremia levels below 6.000 copies of RNA/ml was found in 14/14 LTNP that were negative and in 9/15 (60 56) individuals that were positive for viral isolation from PBMC. A subgroup of 6 HIV isolation positive ex-IVDU LTNP showed very high levels of plasma HIV RNA (range 50,000-200.000 copies/ml). Plasma slL-2R strongly correlated with the levels of viremia, and it was significantly lower in those LTNP that were negative for HIV isolation. HIV isolation from plasma was obtained only in 2/29 (7 %) subjects, whereas ft was routinely accomplished in control progressors. Conclusions:The inability of isolating HIV from PBMC of LTNP is characteristic of individuals with very low plasma levels of HIV RNA and slL-2R (tety reflective of the state of immune activation). Among LTNP with positive HIV isolation, two distinct subgroups were observed as defined by low (S 6.000) and high fa 50.000) copies of plasma HIV RNA This latter group was exclusively composed of ex-IVDU. These results suggest that LTNP encompass an heterogeneous group of HV infected individuals as defined by virological parameters.

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