Laparoscopic nephron sparing surgery: A multi-institutional European survey of 592 cases

Antonio Celia, Guglielmo Zeccolini, Giorgio Guazzoni, Vito Pansadoro, Vincenzo Disanto, Francesco Porpiglia, Claudio Milani, Claude Abbou, Richard Gaston, Gunter Janetschek, Naeem A. Soomro, P. Fornara, Alberto Breda, Peter G. Schulam, Jean De La Rosette, M. Pilar Laguna, Jean Palou, Guglielmo Breda

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Laparoscopic Nephron Sparing Surgery (LNSS) is a technically challenging procedure. Technical aspects and the outcome of LNSS are investigated. A total of 592 LNSS procedures were collected from 12 Centres, either in extraperitoneal or transperitoneal fashion. Mean tumor size was 2.2 cm. Eight centers reported on tumor position for a total of 407 cases with 338 exophytic tumors (83%) and 69 deep lesions (17%). Four centers, accounting for 185 cases, did not report on tumor position. All the centers performed their LNSS by clamping the hilum. The warm ischemia time was <30 min in all the centers. The positive margin rate was 2% (12/592). Hemostatic agents and/or sealant or tissue glues were used in 86% of cases (511/592). Types of sealants used included: gelatine matrix (Floseal

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)85-91
Number of pages7
JournalArchivio Italiano di Urologia e Andrologia
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2008


  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Partial nephrectomy
  • Tissue glues and sealants

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  • Urology


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