Laser prophylactic treatment of the fellow eye in giant retinal tears

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Purpose: To report the results of a retrospective study on prophylactic laser treatment versus observation of giant retinal tears (GRTs) fellow eyes. Methods: One hundred and sixty consecutive charts of patients operated for GRT were included in this retroprospective study. Standard office visit included manifest and corrected refraction, intraocular pressure measurement, slit-lamp examination of the anterior and posterior segment with +90 diopter lens, and indirect ophthalmoscopy were performed at baseline and during follow-up period. Results: Observation group included 62 and prophylactic laser treatment group 98 eyes. The incidence of retinal tears with localized preequatorial retinal detachment, GRTs with macula-ON retinal detachment, and GRTs with Macula-OFF retinal detachment were 3.2, 0, and 14.5%, respectively, during 43.5 ± 19.8 months of follow-up period in observation group and 11.2, 2, and 0%, respectively, in prophylactic laser treatment group during 37.2 ± 16.3 months of follow-up period. Conclusion: Prophylactic laser treatment of GRTs fellow eyes decreased the incidence of GRTs and limited the consequences of newly developed tears, lowering the occurrence of a macula-off retinal detachment with a consequent better final visual outcome respect to observation group.

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  • fellow eye
  • giant retinal tear
  • laser treatment
  • risk of retinal detachment
  • scleral buckling

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