Translated title of the contribution: Left lung allotransplantation in the rabbit. An experimental model for assessment of lung preservation

L. Spaggiari, M. Rusca, P. Carbognani, L. Cattelani, P. G. Petronini, P. Bobbio, R. Paolucci, P. Salcuni, T. Tecchio, P. Dell'Abate, P. Soliani, C. Endrizzi, G. Foletti, P. Piccolo, D. Anelli, M. Azzarone, L. Tartamella, F. Pellegrino, E. Foggi

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The authors report their standard protocol for the single lung transplant in the rabbit. Fourteen couples of New Zealand rabbits were used weighting from 1.9 kg to 2.1 kg for the first 6 couples and from 3.8 to 4.1 kg for the other 8 couples. The anaesthesiological approach consisted of a premedication with Ketamine 35 mg/kg i.m., Atropine sulphate 0.25 mg/kg s.c. and Fentanil 0.1 mg/i.m.; a jugular vein was cannulated and the anaesthesia was carried out administering Ketamine 10-15 mg/kg every 20 min, plus Fentanil 0.1 mg every 30 min. The rabbit was intubated through a tracheostomy, curarized and room air was administered using an appropriate ventilator device. The heart-lung bloc removal from the donor was performed through a midline sternotomy. The left lung was then separated, leaving an adequate cuff of left atrium inclusive of right pulmonary veins which were ligated using a 7-0 thread. The graft prepared in this way was then preserved by immersing it into the perfusion solutions. The recipient rabbit, after anaesthetization, underwent left pneumonectomy through a left toracotomy. The bronchial anastomoses was first performed, followed respectively by the arterial and the atrial sutures. The controlateral pulmonary artery was then clamped and sequential arterial samples were taken from the femoral artery previously dissected and cannulated to obtain arteria1 gases tests. The recipient rabbit has been followed up this way no more than 1 hour time, than it was sacrificed, still under anaesthesia, by mean of letal dose of barbiturate drug.

Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)304-309
Number of pages6
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1994


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Spaggiari, L., Rusca, M., Carbognani, P., Cattelani, L., Petronini, P. G., Bobbio, P., Paolucci, R., Salcuni, P., Tecchio, T., Dell'Abate, P., Soliani, P., Endrizzi, C., Foletti, G., Piccolo, P., Anelli, D., Azzarone, M., Tartamella, L., Pellegrino, F., & Foggi, E. (1994). ALLOTRAPIANTO DI POLMONE SINISTRO NEL CONIGLIO. MODELLO SPERIMENTALE PER LO STUDIO DELLA CONSERVAZIONE DEL POLMONE. Chirurgia, 7(5), 304-309.