Levels of soluble endothelial protein C receptor are associated with CD4 + changes in maraviroc-treated HIV-infected patients

Silvia Nozza, Manuela Pogliaghi, Stefania Chiappetta, Vincenzo Spagnuolo, Gessica Fontana, Cristina Razzari, Giuseppe Tambussi, Elena Maria Faioni

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Background: Inflammation is a key feature of HIV infection and is correlated with long-term negative cardiovascular outcomes. Therapy-induced increases in CD4 + cell counts can control inflammation, as shown by decreases of coagulation and inflammation markers during efficacious therapy. Maraviroc, a CCR5-antagonist, has resulted in larger increases in CD4 + counts both in naïve and experienced subjects compared to traditional antiretroviral therapy. Objectives and Methods: To examine if a member of the protein C anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory pathway, and marker of coagulation and inflammation, the soluble endothelial protein C receptor, is modified by infection and therapy-related variables in patients treated with Maraviroc. Endothelial protein C receptor, together with other established markers of inflammation and coagulation (CRP, IL-6, D-dimer and soluble thrombomodulin) was studied in 43 patients on traditional antiretroviral therapy and in 45 on Maraviroc during 48 weeks of follow-up. Results: Soluble endothelial protein C receptor was the only marker that could discriminate at least partially between patients with a good response to Maraviroc and patients who did not respond with an adequate increase in CD4 + cell counts (more than 500 cells/μL by week 48). Conclusions: Elevated levels of soluble endothelial protein C receptor, a sensitive marker of endothelial damage, indicated a low level of inflammation and coagulation activation in Maraviroc treated patients not picked up by other widely used markers. Persistent elevated levels of this marker at 48 weeks from beginning of treatment with Maraviroc were related to a poor increase in CD4 + cells.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere37032
JournalPLoS One
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 8 2012

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