Literature in the time of COVID-19: The “phase two”

Jacopo Zocchi, Giacomo Pietrobon, Silvia Moretto, Anna Bonsembiante, Francesco Mazzola, Gerardo Petruzzi, Oreste Iocca, Barbara Pichi, Mohssen Ansarin, Raul Pellini

Research output: Contribution to journalShort surveypeer-review


The sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on the whole scientific world. We assisted to a tremendous effort by researchers with the final goal of achieving a better management of COVID-19 patients. The world of otorhinolaryngology, likewise, has not been exempt from this commitment to research. In this commentary we perform a bibliometric review of the available academic literature about COVID-19 in the top 20-ranked ENT journal, with the goal of providing an overview of what has been published to date and encouraging a shift towards quantitative research.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104837
JournalOral Oncology
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2020


  • Coronavirus
  • COVID-19
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Oral cancer
  • Research
  • Review

ASJC Scopus subject areas

  • Oral Surgery
  • Oncology
  • Cancer Research


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