Terapia Iocoregionale con perfusione ipossica epatica delle neoplasie maligne della colecisti: Esperienza preliminare

Translated title of the contribution: Locoregional therapy with hypoxic perfusion of malignant gallbladder cancer: Early personal experience

Rigoantonio Roversi, Stefano Ricci, Giuseppe Rossi, Marina Roversi, Giovanna Cavallo

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Purpose. We report four cases of advanced malignant cancer of the gallbladder treated with hypoxic hepatic perfusion. Material and methods. Hypoxic hepatic perfusion is currently used to treat diffuse hepatic metastases: the common hepatic artery is occluded with a balloon catheter and then a large amount of antiblastic solution is infused into the liver. Hypoxia and slow flow increase the effect of the drug on neoplastic tissue. Two sessions were performed in three patients with an interval ranging 2-4 months, while one patient underwent a single session. The drug was Mitomycin C, whose dose ranged 20-40 mg (mean: 30 mg). Blood filtration was performed after one of the six procedures only and can be considered unnecessary. Results. Acute gastric bleeding appeared in a patient after the embolization of the right gastric artery with bucrylate during the first session performed to avoid drug reflux into gastric wall arteries. No other technical or clinical complications occurred. An objective morphological response (tumor necrosis or reduction in size > 50%) was observed in all patients after the first session. CT findings were stable in two of three patients submitted to a second session, while local progression was observed in the other patient. Complete clinical response was achieved in all symptomatic patients. No WHO toxicity was observed. Discussion and conclusions. The rate of positive morphological and/or clinical responses after hypoxic perfusion was very high in our experience, even though our series was small. Recurrences were found in two patients some months later, which suggests the need of long-term follow-up. Hypoxic perfusion can be nevertheless considered as a new and interesting therapeutic approach for advanced malignant gallbladder cancer, with a strong short-term effect on the lesion and good results on clinical symptoms.

Translated title of the contributionLocoregional therapy with hypoxic perfusion of malignant gallbladder cancer: Early personal experience
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)220-225
Number of pages6
JournalRadiologia Medica
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Sep 1997

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