Long-term Patient-Centered Outcomes in Cirrhotic Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C After Achieving Sustained Virologic Response

Zobair M. Younossi, Andrei Racila, Andrew Muir, Marc Bourliere, Alessandra Mangia, Rafael Esteban, Stefan Zeuzem, Massimo Colombo, Michael Manns, George V. Papatheodoridis, Maria Buti, Anand Chokkalingam, Anuj Gaggar, Fatema Nader, Issah Younossi, Linda Henry, Maria Stepanova

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Background & Aims: Achieving sustained virologic response (SVR) among patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) leads to patient reported outcome (PRO) improvement. We aimed to assess the long-term post-SVR PRO trends in HCV patients with cirrhosis. Methods: Patients with HCV and cirrhosis treated in clinical trials with direct acting antiviral agents (DAAs) who achieved SVR-12 were prospectively enrolled in a long-term registry (clinicaltrials.gov #NCT02292706). PROs were collected every 24 weeks using the Short Form-36v2 (SF-36), CLDQ-HCV, and WPAI-HCV. Results: Pre-treatment baseline data were available for 854 cirrhotic patients who achieved SVR after DAAs. Of these, 730 had compensated (CC) and 124 had decompensated cirrhosis (DCC) before treatment- patients with DCC reported severe impairment in their PROs in comparison to CC patients (by mean -5% to -16% of a PRO range size; p < .05 for 16 out of 20 studied PROs]. After achieving SVR and registry enrollment, significant PRO improvements were noted from pre-treatment levels in 11/20 domains for those with DCC (+4% to +21%) and 19/20 PRO domains in patients with CC (+3% to +17%). Patients with baseline DCC had higher rates of hepatocellular carcinoma and mortality (P < .05). In patients with CC, the PRO gains persisted up to 168 weeks (3.5 years) of registry follow-up. In patients with DCC, the improvements lasted for at least 96 weeks but a declining trend after year 2. Conclusions: Patients with HCV cirrhosis experience severe PRO impairment at baseline with sustainable improvement after SVR. Though those with DCC experience improvement, there is a decline after 2 years.

Original languageEnglish
JournalClinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2021


  • Direct-Acting Antiviral
  • Health-Related Quality Of Life
  • HRQL
  • Viral Clearance
  • Viral Hepatitis

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