Long-term results of a randomized study comparing three immunosuppressive schedules with cyclosporine in cadaveric kidney transplantation

G. Montagnino, A. Tarantino, G. P. Segoloni, V. Cambi, G. Rizzo, P. Altieri, M. Castagneto, M. Salvadori, M. Cossu, F. Pisani, M. Carmellini, F. Mastrangelo, R. Ferrara, C. Ponticelli

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In this randomized controlled trial started in October 1990, 354 cadaveric kidney transplant recipients were assigned to receive either cyclosporine (CsA) monotherapy (115 patients), CsA + steroids (117 patients), or CsA + steroids + azathioprine (122 patients). The median follow-up was 85.1 mo. Thirty-one deaths occurred (infection, 12; cardiovascular disease, 11; neoplasia, 4; and others, 4), and 65 grafts were lost, mostly due to acute (15) or chronic rejection (50). The cumulative graft half-life was 18.1 yr. According to the "intention-to-treat," the 9-yr actuarial patient and graft survival were 94.0% and 73.3%, respectively, in monotherapy, 87.3% and 65.9% in dual therapy, and 87%. and 72.2% in triple therapy (P = 0.647). At the last follow-up, the percentage of patients who remained with the original treatment was 51.2% in monotherapy, 81.7% in dual therapy, and 63.3% in triple therapy. At the seventh year, the mean creatinine clearances were 54.9 ± 17.6 ml/min in monotherapy, 57.9 ± 23.4 in dual therapy, and 60.6 ± 20.7 in triple therapy (P = 0.375). Cataracts (P = 0.000), osteoporosis (P = 0.000), and cardiovascular complications (P = 0.000) were more frequent in dual or triple therapy than in monotherapy. Actuarial graft survival at 9 yr in patients on monotherapy who had to have steroids added was similar to that of the other two groups (62.2% versus 69.3%, P = 0.134). In conclusion, actuarial patient and graft survivals did not differ among the three schemes. The long-term renal function and survival were not affected in the patients on monotherapy who needed the addition of steroids. Monotherapy was associated with a lower incidence of extrarenal complications than the other two regimens.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2163-2169
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of the American Society of Nephrology
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2001


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Montagnino, G., Tarantino, A., Segoloni, G. P., Cambi, V., Rizzo, G., Altieri, P., Castagneto, M., Salvadori, M., Cossu, M., Pisani, F., Carmellini, M., Mastrangelo, F., Ferrara, R., & Ponticelli, C. (2001). Long-term results of a randomized study comparing three immunosuppressive schedules with cyclosporine in cadaveric kidney transplantation. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 12(10), 2163-2169.