Lung metastases from colorectal cancer: Analysis of prognostic factors in a single institution study

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Background. The aim of our study was to evaluateretrospectively in a large single institution setting allcases of lung resections for colorectal metastases from1998 to 2008 and to assess clinicopathologic factorsinfluencing outcome.

Methods. In all, 199 patients, 125 men and 74 women,with lung metastases of colorectal cancer, 120 colon and 79rectum, underwent resection with curative intent; meaninterval between primary surgery and lung metastasis was35 months. Carcinoembryonic antigen preoperative valuewas abnormal in 52 patients; K-RAS wild-type wasdetected in 60 of 97 examined cases; 75 patients receivedpreoperative or postoperative chemotherapy or both. Asolitary lesion was described in 95 patients (47.7%), two orthree metastases in 72 (36.2%), and more than three metastasesin 26 (13.1%). Nodal status was reported in 130patients (73%). One hundred twenty patients (60.3%) underwentwedge resection, 27 (13.6%) underwent segmentectomy,and 52 (26.1%) had lobectomy. An R0 resectionwas achieved in 178 cases (89.4%).

Results. Median overall survival was 4.2 years (95%confidence interval: 3.1 to 5.1) with a 5-year overallsurvival of 43% (95% confidence interval: 36% to 50%).An R1 resection (log rank p [ 0.0001), thoracic nodalinvolvement (log rank p [ 0.0002), and preoperativeabnormal carcinoembryonic antigen value (log rankp <0.001) were significantly associated with pooroutcome in univariate analysis. In multivariate analysis,the same variables plus the number of lesions(single versus multiple, p [ 0.04) were shown to affectoutcome.

Conclusions. An R0 resection, preoperative carcinoembryonicantigen, nodal involvement, and number oflesions represent strong prognostic factors in patient withlung metastases of colorectal cancer. The role of systemictreatments and biomolecular tests deserve future prospectiveinvestigations.

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