Mammography and morphobiologic characteristics of human breast cancer

A. Paradiso, A. Mangia, A. Barletta, F. Marzullo, V. Ventrella, A. Racanelli, F. Schittulli, M. De Lena

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Aims: A comparative analysis was performed to verify a possible correlation between mammographic features and morphobiologic characteristics of the tumor in a series of 176 invasive primary breast cancer patients. Methods: Breast cancers were grouped according to mammographic features as follows: tumor mass with spiculated borders; tumor mass with well-circumscribed borders; tumor with density alteration of parenchyma with no clear borders; a cluster of microcalcifications as the only sign of tumor presence; tumor without mammographic abnormality. The tumor tissue biologic characteristics investigated were: hormone receptor content, tumor proliferative activity, DNA content and cytohistologic tumor-grade differentiation. Results: Spiculated tumors showed a significantly higher percentage of estrogen-receptor-positive cases with respect to circumscribed tumors, independently of the patient's menopausal status. Tumors with only microcalcifications were all from premenopausal patients and showed a significantly higher percentage of progesterone-receptor-positive cases (83%). Tumor proliferative activity did not significantly differ in the 5 mammographic breast cancer groups; aneuploidy was less frequent in tumors with spiculated borders than in mammographic types (39% vs 57%; p = 0.05); percentages of G1-G2-G3 tumors did not differ significantly among the mammographic groups considered. Conclusions: Certain relationships between mammographic features and biologic characteristics could be of potential clinical interest and stimulate more detailed studies on this issue.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)422-426
Number of pages5
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1993


  • breast cancer
  • mammography
  • morphobiologic characteristics

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