MASK-rhinitis, a single tool for integrated care pathways in allergic rhinitis

Rodolphe Bourret, Jean Bousquet, Jacques Mercier, Thierry Camuzat, Anna Bedbrook, Pascal Demoly, Davide Caimmi, Daniel Laune, Sylvie Arnavielhe

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Allergic rhinitis (AR) is among the most common diseases globally. MASK-rhinitis is a simple ICT tool to implement care pathways for allergic rhinitis from patients to health care providers using a common language and a clinical decision support system. This is based on the assessment of the control of allergic rhinitis by a visual analogue scale on and App and a tablet. MASK-rhinitis will allow (i) the patients to screen for allergic disease, (ii) the pharmacists, to guide them in the prescription of OTC medications and direct the uncontrolled patients to physicians, (iii) the primary care physician, to prescribe appropriate treatment and to follow-up with the patient according to the physician's instructions (CDSS) and assessment of control and (vi) the specialist and outpatient clinics in allergology, if there is failure to gain control by the primary physician. MASK-rhinitis will be important for establishing care pathways across the life cycle, stratify patients with severe uncontrolled rhinitis and to perform clinical trials.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)36-39
Number of pages4
JournalWorld hospitals and health services : the official journal of the International Hospital Federation
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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